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“Lights in Goa” was initiated in 2010 to spread the word on good practices in Architectural Lighting Design and to bring the industry in India and the surrounding nations, abreast with the latest design trends and technologies.

The first edition saw a three day seminar with six international design professionals and educators, which was widely attended by participants from 13 countries.

The second edition in 2011 was a full scale five day PLDA workshop, with six sites, designed and installed, followed by seminars by leading design professionals on the last day.

The third edition held in January 2014 was a two day seminar, addressing various designs aspects, with a view to engage the decision makers, specially for the city of Panjim, as a draft master plan for the same is being designed, and it was our Endeavour to educate and motivate the decision makers to having the first ever Architectural Lighting Masterplan in India, for Panjim, Goa.

The Government of Goa has welcomed the suggestions of this edition of Lights in Goa.

The Fourth edition, Lights in Goa shifted venue to Bengaluru the Garden City and a preferred IT destination to take the educational initiative of good practices in Lighting Design to a larger receptive audience that a metro city could deliver. The up scaling of this event seemed necessary given that the industry could only gain from a larger audience adept at the taking correct decisions concerning lighting design.

Lights in Goa has returned to home base Goa in its 2017 edition to reinforce the USP of its very conception, The Spread & Share of the Knowledge of Lighting.

The themes of the forthcoming Seminars would be Education in Lighting, Sustainable Lighting practices & The Future of Lighting Design, Mini-workshops will enhance the seminar perception for all delegates as is the forte of LIG seminars, An impressive array of Speakers are being lined up to achieve a game-changing experience.

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